Commercial Representation

Corporate Law

In addition to being accomplished lawyers, we also are business owners just like you.  We understand the risks and rewards, as well as the threats and opportunities, of being a business owner.  We have broad-based experience in all aspects of corporate law and commercial litigation.  We understand the need to protect your business with the correct business filings when the company is being formed as well as the correct advise when your company is confronted with the prospect of litigation.  We understand that as a plaintiff you have the ability to recover on unpaid contracts and to prevent former employees from leaving with your trade secrets.  We also understand the threats that abound when your company is sued.  We can provide expert guidance and advice whenever your company and its resources and resolve are being put to the test by either competitors or customers.

Commercial Litigation

When you are faced with the decision of how to leverage litigation to your advantage, your first call should be to our firm.  Having us as part of the discussion from the beginning will ensure that your interests are protected and that you make the right decisions when the pressure is on.  Too many times we have been called into action after prior counsel has made decisions putting clients in jeopardy.  Although we can help in those situations too, it is better and more cost-effective if we are involved from the beginning.

We have extensive experience in breach of contract matters, employment matters, breach of non-compete agreements, bankruptcy and preferential transfer litigation and data breach litigation.

Business Divorce

When closely-held business are doing well, owners rarely disagree. But when challenges arise, the story changes and partners frequently have disagreements. Sometimes those disagreements grow into intractable disputes that owners cannot resolve and they decide to part ways. We refer to that situation as a business divorce.

Much like when married couples divorce, when business owners decide to part ways there are assets and liabilities that must be accounted for and apportioned among the partners. Also, when the business owners start to examine the books of the business, they sometime find surprises and learn that their once trusted partner has been less than forthright. We have years of experience guiding business owners through that process. We try to amicably resolve these disputes. Unfortunately, many times these disputes end up in court and sometimes on an emergency basis.

If you find yourself in a business dispute, call on us to guide you through the process.

Outside General Counsel Services

We also provide turn-key outside general counsel services for small businesses.  We provide advice on day-to-day legal matters partnering with your business to allow growing companies to forego hiring a full-time general counsel.  We can either provide on-demand services with a retainer-based representation or provide service on an as-needed basis.  Our services include negotiating, drafting and reviewing contracts; negotiating, drafting and reviewing leases; handling employment matters; corporate formation and governance issues; and risk management and insurance advise.