Consumer Protection & Fraud

Consumer Fraud

Gowen Rhoades Winograd & Silva, PLLC attorneys are committed to the idea that consumers are entitled to fairness and safety in their purchase and use of all products and services in the marketplace. An unwitting consumer can fall victim to a scam in contexts ranging from relatively small retail store purchases to more complex financial contracts. Gowen Rhoades Winograd & Silva, PLLC attorneys are eager to discuss legal actions to protect consumer rights and to remedy cases involving unlicensed contractors, misleading advertising, harmful product defects, and other forms of injurious practices.

Foreclosure Defense and Loan Modification

As seen in the Michael Lewis movie and book “The Big Short,” the financial and mortgage crisis caused by loan securitization has wreaked havoc on the American economy and put millions of homeowners out of their homes due to foreclosure. At GRWS, we understand the fear, frustration, and hopelessness that homeowners face when dealing with possible foreclosure and the never-ending false statements and repetitive requests for documents from banks and servicers when trying to apply for a loan modification or seeking assistance. But there is hope; our firm can help level the playing field against the bank in and out of court. Beginning in 2010, Congress and state governments passed numerous laws and regulations to protect homeowners and keep them in their homes through loan modification, reduce their possible deficiency judgments or seek compensation from the banks for violation of state and federal laws. Contact us today to discuss your options.

Auto Sales and Financing

Besides a home, buying an automobile is the largest purchase that many Americans will ever make. Unfortunately, there are still unscrupulous auto dealers who take advantage of buyers by misrepresenting the condition of a vehicle or concealing prior damage, accidents or defects. Further, some dealers and financing companies engage in fraudulent or illegal tactics when a customer finances a vehicle, including misrepresenting such things as the interest rate, a consumer’s credit score or the actual financing charges. Dealers also engage in schemes such as spot delivery scams or yo-yo financing, where the dealer tells a consumer that he or she is approved for financing only to call them later demanding more money. If you have been the victim of fraud in the connection with the purchase of an automobile, it is important that you act quickly to preserve your rights and the attorneys at GRWS will fight vigorously on your behalf.

Fair Credit Reporting Act Litigation

Do you want to buy a home, a car, a cell phone, rent an apartment or even apply for a job? In today’s modern world, you will need to submit to a credit history check to do all of those things and false or misleading information on your credit report can have devastating effects. Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, the credit bureaus (Experian, Equifax, and Transunion) and furnisher (credit card companies) are required to follow certain regulations, but unfortunately, they often do not. Many times when this occurs, it is only through litigation that you can have false information removed or corrected on your credit report, or receive compensation for the harm which you have suffered. Contact us today to learn more about your rights and how to protect them.

Contract Disputes

Gowen Rhoades Winograd & Silva, PLLC attorneys are also dedicated to ensuring justice for consumers in all manner of contract disputes. Consumers may be subjected to fraudulent terms or may simply end up in a good faith dispute due to poor drafting and communication. In all cases, our attorneys fight for the best outcomes for our clients, endeavoring to obtain the full benefits for which a consumer has contracted.


Housing law conflicts often pit tenant against landlord when and if a tenant is subjected to substandard conditions or discriminatory practices, but may just as easily require protection of a landlord’s rights to collect reasonable rents and seek legal remedies for damage to the premises. Gowen Rhoades Winograd & Silva, PLLC attorneys are well-versed in the nuances of both landlord and tenant rights and are willing to help clients settle all types of housing disputes.

Consumer Debt Settlements

Gowen Rhoades Winograd & Silva, PLLC attorneys are especially sensitive to the pervasive problem of crushing consumer debt. Many people are unaware that they may have a chance at either debt reduction or an adjusted payment schedule in order to satisfy an outstanding debt. Our attorneys are skilled negotiators in the area of debt settlement and will not charge large up-front fees or monthly fees so common among debt settlement companies. Our rates are reasonable and our approach, as in all practice areas, is to be honest with the client about the options and prospects for remedy.