Wills, Trusts & Estates


The financial security that is created for your family by having a will prepared can be invaluable. The creation of will is in most instances a simple and straight forward process and, therefore, the process should be affordable. The Gowen Group attorneys will ensure that your family is protected and that your wishes are carried out for a reasonable fee.


The creation of a trust for your children or other loved-ones is a safe and effective way of ensuring that your money will not be wasted and used for the specific purposes you desire. Whether, for example, you require a trust for college education expenses or the needs of someone with a disability, guidance and experience can help ensure that your financial assistance is properly given down the road.

Estates and Probate

If you or someone you know has an estate, the Gowen Group can help manage the property, finances, and interests of that estate. Our firm works with certified financial planners to make sure that your estate is not only protected under the law, but is financially sound and profitable.

If there has been a death of a family member or loved-one, you need to ensure that the desires of the deceased are carried out. Gowen Group attorneys have experience in representing estates and beneficiaries of wills by utilizing the law and the court system for the betterment of their clients.