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02/13/2019: DC Court of Appeals to Hear Significant Same-Sex Common Law Marriage Case.

07/03/2018: Attorney Chris Gowen releases statement on entry of Imran Awan’s plea agreement with the United States Government.

06/07/2018: GSW attorneys Peter Silva and Aaron Page win a resounding victory on summary judgment for three District of Columbia corrections officers in their four year fight to exercise their rights under the Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act (LOESA). 

03/01/2018:  In case of first impression, Peter Silva convinces Maryland Circuit Court to dismiss foreclosure complaint against borrower because the mortgage company could not prove that the allonges attached to the promissory note were original.

09/28/2017:  Front Page of Washington Post Story (Sunday edition) about Attorneys Gowen and Page’s representation in politically charged case.

09/27/2017:  GRWS makes new law in Pennsylvania when court determines that claims under the Pennsylvania Unfair Trade Practices and Consumer Protection Law can proceed against a client’s former law firm. Read here.  

09/19/2017:  Peter Silva speaks to the Washington Post about his client who was defrauded by a mysterious woman who alleges to be an adviser to the Trumps, among other things.

09/11/2017:  Chris Gowen defends his client amid growing media circus in this Washington Examiner article. 

09/08/2017:  Chris Gowen’s response to Congressman Gohmert’s statement about #ImranAwan.

08/17/2017:  Statement on the Indictment of Imran Awan.

07/28/2017: Gowen comments on case and President Trump’s boosting of the story via Twitter in the New York Times.

07/27/2017:  Statement on the Imran Awan case.

07/26/2017:  GRWS stands by our client, Imran Awan, in the wake of a disturbing witch hunt targeting Mr. Awan and his family.  Read Chris Gowen’s comments in Politico here, and our full statement on the matter here.

07/21/2017:  GRWS sues Catholic University who expelled a senior for having consensual sex. Read the articles here & here.

07/17/2017:  Looking out for the tax payer and ready for a battle on behalf of an innocent client.  Read more about the persecution of the inauguration day protesters and Chris Gowen’s comment in the Washington City Paper on the matter. 

03/19/2016:  Gowen Rhoades attorneys work both sides of the political spectrum when the Constitution is violated. See attorney Aaron Page’s comments on defending the 2nd Amendment in the DC Court of Appeals

02/23/2016 Press Release: D.C. Government Goes to the Mat in Fight to Block Implementation of Law Enforcement Officer Safety Act

12/18/2013: Listen to Chris Gowen discuss the global enforcement process he and others have used for the betterment of the Ecuadorian people. ( Interview, Public Radio International’s ‘The World,’ “A Canadian court is allowing Ecuadorians to pursue their long-running pollution suit against Chevron,” December 18, 2013)

Notable Successes

GRWS brings home a big win in historic same-sex marriage case.  Read the brief and the order here.

Chris Gowen successfully appealed a lower court ruling in a Maryland Family Law case creating new law that protects and assists single parents dealing with an out of state parent who aggressively seek to avoid child support obligations. Read the opinion here:

Chris Gowen settled a dental malpractice case in Pennsylvania for six figures on behalf of a client who received faulty implants by a general practice dentist unqualified to perform implant dentistry.

Mark Rhoades currently represents a United States Bankruptcy Trustee in litigation to recover almost $2 million arising from the failure of a debtor to disclose his entitlement to payments under a consulting agreement.

Chris Gowen had an entire prenuptial agreement set aside by the Court based upon the husband’s breach of his obligations under the prenuptial agreement. This result was one of only a handful of decisions in Pennsylvania history setting aside an entire prenuptial agreement on the basis of breach.

Peter Silva represented a group of waiters in Washington, DC from a well-known 5 Star restaurant that had their tips “skimmed” illegally by the manager. The waiters fully recouped the money owed to them and the restaurant paid their attorney fees.

Jesse Winograd represented a young innocent college student accused of sexual assault and successfully proved to the police and prosecutors that the claim was unwarranted and no charges were brought. Mr. Winograd continued his pursuit for justice for the innocent by filing suit against the dishonest accuser for defamation.

Mark Rhoades recently obtained a $1.8 million jury verdict, including a $ 1 million punitive damages award, in a case involving the breach of a contract and for tortious interference with contractual relationship.

Peter Silva won a trial in Fairfax, VA on behalf of a medical professional who did not receive the proper compensation for the treatment she provided her patients.

Chris Gowen and Aaron Page successful appealed a guilty verdict in a DC criminal trial to the DC Court of Appeals with the appeals court finding that the facts did not support the lower court’s guilty verdict and did not meet the required burden of proof.

Mark Rhoades recently obtained an emergency custody order for a father preventing on-going abuse of the party’s children by the mother’s paramour.

Jesse Winograd had recently helped obtain sentences well below the range recommended by the federal sentencing guidelines in high profile contracting fraud and importation of misbranded drug cases.

Peter Silva attained a judgment for a mortgage borrower who was taken advantage of by a national lender.  (Cross v. Prospect Mortgage, et al., 2013 WL 6195487 (E.D.Va. 2013))

Gowen Group brought a lawsuit on behalf of residents of Brentwood, Maryland against the city and its council for inappropriately awarding grant money to a former council member. During the lawsuit, the mayor and council members were voted out of office.